[Editorial] Adultery – Rhamat Ayinke

I was left in cripples, Tears drip down my face, I can’t believe my life is going to end up like this, I should have known, I should have been contented, I should have loved my wife the way she loved me.

I was not contented with my wife’s efforts, so I practiced adultery.

’cause I was rich, I snatched a poor man’s wife which I knew it was bad, but because of my wealth I do what is wrong damning the consequence, I hide all these from my wife. My side chick was pregnant “hmmmm”, so I retrieved the house I bought for my wife and gave to my side chick, I thought I was doing something rational, but I was wrong. The day my side chick gave birth I was in the bathroom, my “phone rang”, my wife picked up and it was my side chick talking with joy; she said “baby I gave birth to a baby boy”. My wife was speechless tears rolling down her face. Me coming out of the bathroom asked my wife, what was wrong, collected my phone. In shock…so, my secret as been let out. But because of my hard heart, I gathered courage and said “I am the head of the house, if you know you are not contented with the situation; you can leave. My wife was still pleading. I left home and moved to my side chick’s house. Even besides my side chick, I practiced adultery again. Side chick eventually found out that I was having sleepovers at my secretary’s house. It was the night of our company’s holiday party, so I had to stay at a the hotel, I have asked my side chick to bring my debit card which I forgot at home.

So my secretary came in to drop a file I looked into her eyes and in the next minute, we started having sex, forgotten that I told my side chick to bring my debit card, she caught us in the act and slumped, rushed to the hospital and she was there for two days.

I don’t know I tempted her to do what is wrong, I forgot her father was an herbalist. Two weeks later, I found myself crippled, I was abandoned, she carted away all my money and properties, I was left alone and sad, that was the end of my life. I had no choice I wrote a letter to my wife telling her all that has happened, because of the genuine love she had for me; she came and took me to different places, but I remained crippled. I should have been contented with my wife who showed me love and care. The man we met told us that my illness cannot be healed, he told me I was going to die within a month. I cursed myself and asked for forgiveness, I ended my life and lost everything because of adultery. I left my wife with two kids, I am cruel, will I ever get forgiveness?😔😔😔

Written By ✍️: Abdulsalam Rhamat Ayinke


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